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Wiccans and Pagans together [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
For all wiccans or pagans

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Community Introduction [Feb. 9th, 2007|08:45 pm]
For all wiccans or pagans


LJ NAME: GirlAbomination
NAME: Justine
AGE: 26
WICCAN OR PAGAN OR OTHER: Hellenic Reinvention / Buddhist / Pursuit of Inner Divinity
NUMBER OF YEARS AS SUCH: Active practice... 8 years... First prayer to Aphrodite... about 14 years ago.
REASON: It's the right thing to do.
OTHER: With Aphrodite being my primary goddess, I use a great deal of rose and vanilla incense and oils along with sea shells, and the numbers three and five. I am c urrently in the process of learning I-Ching which has been quite a bit more accurate for me than tarot, but I've nothing against other methods of divinition. :)

At the very core of my beliefs, I suppose you could say that I have faith in humanity and the power of the human spirit. Everything is connected like a massive spider web that touches all things as part of a greater whole; what we call magick is simply a matter of realizing what is already there and learning to manipulate the strands of the web. That being said, if everything that exists is connected, so too are we connected to our dieties. This is to say, that every living breathing human being (and of course those that are no longer breathing -- ie the dead) cary with them the spark of the divine within them. It is what enables us to work magick, and through reckonizing and embracing it we can make beautiful things possible.

Like many people, I have a burning faith in a living thinking self aware goddess - her name is Aphrodite. Unlike many people, I've come to understand the many dieties as incarnations of very real human passions, hopes, ideals, fears, and dreams. This is to say, the gods and goddesses are the children (albiet very powerful and omnipresent children) of humanity and not the other way around. Either way, the worship and love we have and share for them is the same.